Cacciatori Hot Twin Pack aprox 320g Propan

Cacciatori Mild Sliced (per kg)

Cacciatori Mild Twin Pack aprox 320g Propan

Chicken Smoked Barossa Fine Foods 100g

Ham Smoked Leg Barossa Fine Foods 100g

Ham Virginian (per kg)

Mortadella Plain Bertocchi Sliced (per kg)

Pancetta Barossa Fine Foods 100g

Propan 100g Antipasto Pack

Propan 100g Casalingo Salami Pack

Propan 100g Hungarian Salami

Propan 100g Jamon Serrano Pack

Propan 100g Pizza Salami Pack

Propan 100g Proscuitto Sliced Pack

Proscuitto San Daniele Sliced (per kg)

Provolone Auricchio Dolce Sliced Mild (per kg)

Salami Borgo Sopressa Mild Sliced (per kg)

Turkey Roast Barossa Fine Foods 100g

Please Note: Orders will be picked to the closest KG where applicable.
We will ensure orders do not go below the specified weight.